To remember ... the exhibition "Memory of the people in the reliable hands of the young" was held at GSU

The memory of the events of that terrible war, which claimed the life of every third Belarusian, will live in our hearts and minds forever. Because this is a story at the cost of lost lives and broken destinies, ruined cities and burned villages. However, it is also a story of hope for salvation from physical death and moral destruction, a story of faith in man and humanity.

In the exhibition hall of the Francisk Skorina Gomel State University, the already traditional exhibition "Memory of the people in the reliable hands of the young" was held, dedicated to the liberation of the city of Gomel from the Nazi invaders.

It should be noted that exhibition projects like this are very important, since they not only broadcast the memory of the events of the war years, acquaint with the history of Gomel, but also bring up a feeling of gratitude for the feat in the name of life on earth. Visitors to the exhibition, thanks to the exhibits presented by students and teachers of different faculties, were able to plunge into the atmosphere of the war years, be filled with deep emotions and experiences.

The faculties of the university approached the design of their thematic zones in different ways. Let's note the most interesting ideas. Lawyers and environmentalists presented exhibits - evidence of the war years - from home archives. Philologists pleased with poetic works and illustrative material - a photo collage about Gomel during the war years. Physicists and biologists presented posters, some of which were stylized as wartime propaganda posters. The Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​has created an integral composition telling about Gomel the military, about the memory that has been preserved by the names of the streets and the people who live on them. The Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy prepared a creative presentation. In addition, educational psychologists presented an installation of military operations. Note that the youngest participant of the exhibition, Ilya Zhuravlev, a 6th grade student of the State Educational Institution of Secondary Education, secondary school №11, is taking part in such an important and necessary project for the second time. His work - a collection of field bags from the war years - is always of great interest. Separately, the Faculty of Geology and Geography should be noted, which pleased with the conceptual approach to the theme of the exhibition and the scale.

Kalinin Vasily (Faculty of Philology), Bosyakova Yana (Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy), Kovaleva Elena and Gordeeva Ksenia (Faculty of Physics and Information Technologies) receive souvenirs for the best embodiment of the idea of ​​the exhibition. Gifts can be picked up at the showroom.

I would like to thank all the participants of the exhibition project and express the hope that the next, already the 18th exhibition, will be, because the memory of the people is in the reliable hands of the young.

Leading Specialist of the Department of Youth Initiatives and Student Self-Government


Chair of the University Women's Council